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We are at Evim Türkiye

Hürriyet Ege - March 2019

Atakent Panorama İzmir

Hürriyet Ege - February 2019

3 billion dollars of wind will blow from the sea

Türkiye - July 2018

4,5 billion dollars wind inverstment to be realized in 2020

Sözcü - July 2018

3 billion dollars to blow from the sea

Sabah - July 2018

Big breakthrough in the wind

Milliyet - July 2018

The first offshore wind farm project is near

Hürriyet - July 2018

Great interest in offshore projects from abroad

Dünya - July 2018

3 billion dollars investment forecast for offshore energy investment

Akşam - July 2018

Ataseven is now in İzmir

Milliyet Ege - March 2018

Atakent Panorama İzmir

Sözcü - March 2018

Ataseven Takes its First Step to İzmir

Milliyet Ege - March 2018

Ataseven Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with the "White Party"!

Haberler Ankara

TWEA Cool Down Youth with its Wind.


There are 3 Wind Basins in Turkey

Sectoral Introduction Electricity - Energy Magazine

We are in Top 5 all around Europe and in Top 10 in the World

Green Power

Iran, takes Turkey as a Role Model in Wind Energy

Green Power

2017 is Important for Wind

Hürriyet Ekonomi

Turkey's Wind Energy Potential

Dünya News

EPDK Experts


Democracy with Strong Energy


“WindEurope” is the new name of the European Wind Energy Council


Turkey, 5th in Wind Power Plant

Dünya News

Turkey is Still Running on Wind

Yeni Konya News

İTÜ Discussed Clean Energy

Enerji Panorama


ANBA Report

Targeted 6 thousand Megawatt

Sanayi News

President of TÜREB Evaluated 2015

Gas & Power

We Need an Independent Energy Source

Yeni Enerji

Green and Safe Buildings are Attract Attention

Milliyet Ankara