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Social Responsibility

Youth of Soma Looking at the Future with Hope

The tourism journey at Soma coal mines is continuing... We visited 40 young people from Soma who are having tourism education in Bodrum within the framework of the project started with the parole of ‘’Mining should not be fate of the Soma youth’’. The young people are already having the excitement of being a tourism professional despite the intensive education they have. ‘’We will stand by you all the way’’ said General Manager of Rüzgar Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., Bertan Korkmaz to the young people... Within the framework of the project, Rüzgar Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. covers all the educational expenses of the young people of Soma. Having taken care of the young people closely since the first day, General Manager Bertan Korkmaz visited the young people having tourism education at Temenos Hotel. Korkmaz got information from Serdar Karcılıoglu, President of Bodrum Professional Hotel Managers (BOYD), BOMEK School Manager Tarik Demir, and Education Coordinator Serdar Cakman, and had a conversation with the young people of Soma. Drawing attention to the importance of educated people’s serving in the tourism sector, Korkmaz, ‘’You are lucky to participate in such project, I believe that you will use this opportunity well and contribute to the tourism of Bodrum. We are also happy to support such project and stand by these bright young people’’ said. Having had lunch with the youth of Soma, Korkmaz informed young people also about renewable energy sources and wind energy. Korkmaz expressed their admiration for facilities and rooms provided to the young people and also thanked Temenos Hotel management.