Ataseven Group

Message of the President

Dear Employees, Our Business Partners

This year, we are celebrating our 26th year in business life. We are happy that ATASEVEN Group, having set off with the principle of "presenting high standard solutions to its customers with its engineering knowledge and experience and with optimum conditions" in 1992, has achieved to be one of the reliable companies in Turkey in the past 26 years period.

We are progressing with the ethic values suggested to us by our honorary president and continuing our works with environment-friendly and solution-oriented approaches.

Just as we are doing in our construction company, we are paying attention to the quality of our service also in our companies of energy, mining, and electricity wholesale, which we have incorporated over the years, and we are taking ultimate care of standing by our words. With the awareness that the best investment is the one made in humans, we are trying to reflect the sensitivities we show in the business world also with our social responsibility projects. We are striving to sustain our honest and disciplined works and increase our awareness for the future of our children and country.

As is until today, we are going to work for a bright future of our country also in the time to come with commitment and undauntedly. We are targeting to add new achievements to our achievement history with the everlasting excitement in us to give service to our country.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our employees who contribute to us and to our shareholders with whom we are in collaboration.

Dr. Mustafa Serdar ATASEVEN